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There are five types of abuse – sexual, physical, emotional, financial and cyber.

Some examples of abuse

– Putting you down or calling you names
– Blaming you for abuse or arguments
– Denying that abuse is taking place or playing down the abuse
– Isolating you
– Stopping you from going to work, college or school
– Making unreasonable demands for attention
– Accusing you of cheating or flirting
– Telling you what to wear, who to see, where to go and what to think
– Controlling your money, or not giving you enough to buy food or other essentials
– Threatening to harm or kill you
– Threatening to harm or kill themselves, children, animals
– Reading all texts, emails and letters
– Harrassing or following you
– Physicall violent to you, for example, punching, slapping, biting, burning, choking and restraining but not limited to.
– Destroying your belongings or throwing things around
– Touching you in ways you don’t want to be touched
– Making unwanted sexual demands or hurting you during sex
– Pressuring you to have sex or pressuring you to have unsafe sex, eg refusing to wear a condom
– Pressuring you to sleep with other people or sell sex against your wishes

Helplines for if you are suffering abuse:

• In an emergency, dial 999
• Hull DAP – 01482 318 75, http://www.hulldap.co.uk/
• Hull Women’s Aid – 01482 446099 https://www.hullwomensaid.org/domestic-abuse
• Childline- 0800 1111, https://www.childline.org.uk/

How to help a somebody else in an abusive situation:
• Listen, take care not to blame them
• Acknowledge it takes strength to talk to someone
• Give them time to talk, don’t pressure them to talk
• Acknowledge they’re in a frightening and difficult situation
• Tell them nobody deserves to gothrough what they went through despite what the abuser told them
• Support them as a friend, encourage them to express their feelings and allow them to make their own decisions
• Don’t tell them to leave the relationship if they’re not ready, it’s their decision
• Ask if they have suffered any physical harm and if so, offer to go with them to a hospital or gp
• Help them report abuse to police they choose to

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